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Update regarding NSW Rally Rego

From today 22nd July 2015, competitors will be able to apply for Rally Rego through their local RMS Branch, including those in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. This is the same process we have been providing to applicants in non metro areas since the inception of the new scheme.


You will still be required to have your paperwork signed off by either AMSAG or CAMS, however now you will be able to take the approved paperwork into your local RMS or Services NSW branch where they will verify the documents, take payment and then forward the paperwork to Richmond RMS for processing. Richmond RMS will then mail the plates back to the branch you provided your paperwork to for you to collect the plates.


At this stage Richmond is the only branch who will have a stock of plates, therefore if you need the plates issued on the spot you will still need to attend Richmond in person.


However if you are happy with having a short delay in receiving the plates, feel free to use your local branch instead.


For those who do not have a local approved certifier to have the inspection completed, we will reviewing our current list shortly so please feel free to provide details of your local scrutineer if you would like them to be considered for approval. Please keep in mind there will be requirements for them to be approved, including being on the current list of AMSAG Approved Scrutineers which can be found on the AMSAG Website.


If you have any questions, please feel free to message or email me for further details



Updated Dedicated Rally Vehicle Technical Manual now available:-


The updated Dedicated Rally Vehicle Technical Manual has been released by the RMS with changes confirming vehicles complying with AMSAG Regulations are eligible for the Rally Vehicle Scheme.


Download the Technical Manual here:-

Dedicated Rally Vehicle Technical Manual


Rally Rego now available through AMSAG!!


AMSAG are pleased to announce that we have now been approved by the Roads & Maritime Services of NSW to approve and administer the NSW Rally Vehicle Scheme for Financial Members of AMSAG.


The Required Forms can be downloaded below:-


AMSAG NSW Rally Vehicle Scheme (RVS) Inspection Form


AMSAG NSW Rally Vehicle Scheme (RVS) Rally Vehicle Usage Agreement


Rally Vehicle Declaration Form


Application for Conditional Registration Form


The procedure for having an application approved by AMSAG is as follows:-


*Download the RMS Application for Conditional Registration, Rally Vehicle Declaration Form and AMSAG NSW Rally Vehicle Scheme Inspection & Usage Agreement Form.


*Take your completed forms to one of the AMSAG Authorised RVS Scrutineers noted below for an inspection to be completed. A Plated Brake Test will be required for the initial inspection as per the RMS Dedicated Rally Vehicle Technical Manual, the AMSAG Authorised RVS Scrutineer will be able to assist you with this. Once on the scheme a standard Brake Test (as per normal Pink Slip Inspection) will be required for the annual renewal.


*Once passed the fully completed Rally Vehicle Declaration Form and AMSAG NSW Rally Vehicle Scheme Inspection & Vehicle Usage Agreement Form will need to be emailed to the AMSAG RVS Responsible Person at amsagrallyseries@gmail.com where it will be signed off and returned to you.


Once all of the forms have been approved by AMSAG you will then be able to take the paperwork to the Richmond RMS Branch to have it processed and collect your number plates. If you are unable to attend the Richmond RMS Branch yourself you are able to authorise a representative to attend on your behalf. Refer to the Representative’s Authority on the RMS Application for Conditional Registration Form for further details.


Once completed you will be able to compete in any AMSAG or CAMS approved event or other activity as covered by the RVS Certificate of Approved Operations which will be supplied by the RMS or upon request from AMSAG once your application has been processed and plates issued by the RMS.


The initial 12 month Rally Vehicle Registration costs will be:-


$21 Conditional registration administration fee


$36 CTP insurance premium


$42 Number plate fee (one-off)


$99 Total


There will also be a fee charged by the AMSAG Authorised RVS Scrutineer, and where applicable an additional charge may be incurred for the Plate Brake Test, however the amount charged will be left to the discretion of the Scrutineer, please feel free to confirm the details with your Scrutineer before proceeding.


please view the below map for the current list of approved scrutineers able to complete an RVS Inspection. You can use this map to obtain directions to your nearest location if needed.



** The list of approved Scrutineers may change at the discretion of AMSAG, any updates will be made on the above map as they occur.


If there are any questions please email amsagrallyseries@gmail.com for assistance.